How to improve the cleaning efficiency of shot blaster


1. Increase the supply of shot blaster's projectiles.

2. Adjust the shot blaster's position of the orientation sleeve.
Rotating the directional sleeve can adjust the direction of shot jet within the shooting range, but too much left or right jet will weaken the shooting power and accelerate the wear of radial guard plate.
(1) Place a slightly rusted or painted steel plate in the shot blasting area of the shot blasting device;
(2) Start the shot blaster. Accelerate the motor to an appropriate speed;
(3) Use the control valve (manually) to open the shot blasting gate. After about 5 seconds, the shot is sent to the impeller, and the metal rust on the slightly rusted steel plate is removed;
(4) To determine the ejection position, loosen the three hexagon bolts on the pressing plate with a 19mm adjustable wrench until the directional sleeve can be rotated by hand, and then fasten the directional sleeve;
(5) Prepare a new projection diagram to verify the best setting.

3. Ensure the correct relative position between the shot dividing wheel and the impeller body.

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