Composition of steel pipe shot blasting machine


The steel pipe shot blasting machine is mainly composed of the feeding roller table, the shot blasting cleaning machine, the sending roller table, the feeding mechanism, the air control system, the electric control system and the dust removal system. The shot blasting machine is composed of shot blasting chamber, shot blasting assembly, blasting bucket and grid, blasting slag separator, hoist, platform ladder railing, blasting system and other components.

Steel pipe shot blasting machine is suitable for continuous shot blasting of batches of steel pipes before welding or painting, to thoroughly remove rust, scale and other dirt. It is an expert in pipeline cleaning. After shot blasting, it can obtain a smooth surface with a certain roughness, increase spray adhesion, improve surface quality and anti-corrosion effect. Its excellent cleaning performance makes the labor-intensive methods of sandblasting and wire brushing obsolete. At the same time, the steel pipe shot blasting machine can reduce the production cost and greatly increase the output.

The steel pipe shot blasting machine adopts multi-layer replaceable sealing brushes, which can completely seal the projectiles. The steel pipe shot blasting machine adopts a centrifugal cantilever type novel high-efficiency multi-function shot blasting device, which has a large shot blasting volume, high efficiency, rapid blade replacement, overall replacement performance, and convenient maintenance.

Steel pipe shot blasting machine uses PLC electrical control, air valve cylinder pneumatic control loading and unloading system, projectile controllable gate and projectile conveying and other fault detection to realize automatic control of the whole machine.

steel pipe shot blasting machine adopts a filter cartridge dust collector, a one-piece centrifugal blasting head can throw the abrasive in a controllable way and direction, and the shot is circulated. The size of the sealing ring can be adjusted to fit pipes of different diameters, and it is easy to replace. Different from other surface cleaning and pretreatment methods, the shot blasting process without chemical reaction process will not cause pollution to the environment. The steel pipe shot blasting machine is simple to install, low in cost, and small in space, without the need for pits or other discharge pipelines.

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