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Sand Blasting Booths

Sand blasting Booths are primarily for cleaning big steel structural parts, vessel, truck chassis to remove the rusty spot, rusty layer and scale cinder on steel to obtain a uniform, smooth and glossy metal surface allowing improved coating quality and higher anti-corrosion performance.

The surface stress of steel is strengthened, and the service life of workpieces is prolonged.The dry type sand blasting booth has sand blasting pot, dust collector, trolley and abrasive circulation system.

The right room size is dependent on the size of the largest workpiece you are trying to blast. The sandblasting booths should be large enough to accommodate the largest workpiece and provide ample room for the blasting personnel to work. We recommend 1-1.5m of workspace around the blasting being blaster.
We can customized the sand blasting booth according to the buyer's workpiece max length, width, height and weight.

Advantage of Sand blasting Booths:
1. Flatcar type sand blast cleaning system
2. New type scraper conveyor structure
3. continuous sand blasting system with spraying guns
4. Dust collector in multiple positions
5. Two safety door both front and back positions
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