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Tumble Shot Blasting Machine

Tumble Shot Blasting Machine is suitable for surface cleaning of various parts. The surface of various metal castings is cleaned by sand, the surface of ferrous parts is derusted.

Tumble Shot Blasting Machine with good cleaning quality, time is short, compact, low noise, good sets of advantages. Mainly applicable to all walks of life in the castings, forgings, aluminum parts, stamping parts, gears and springs of sand, rust, descaling and surface strengthening, but also applies to all kinds of hardware tools.

Especially for fear of touching the parts, cleaning and strengthening is more applicable. Crawler-type shot blasting machine for different production scale, both stand-alone use, can also be multi-use. And continuous conveyor, such as supporting the production of clean-up assembly line, is the ideal clean-up equipment for large and medium-sized clean-up.
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