Precautions for the test machine of the crawler shot blasting machine


1. Before work, the operator should first understand the relevant regulations in the manual for the use of the crawler shot blasting machine, and fully understand the structure and function of the equipment.

2. Before starting the machine, the operator should check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the smooth condition of the machine meets the requirements.

3. The crawler-type shot blasting machine requires accurate installation. Before starting the machine, a single-action test should be carried out for each component and motor. The rotation of each motor should be accurate, the crawler and hoist belts should be moderately tight, and there should be no deviation.

4. Check whether the no-load current of each motor, bearing temperature rise, reducer, and shot blasting device are working properly. If problems are found, the factors should be investigated and adjusted in time.

5. After there is no problem in the single machine test, the idling test for the dust collector, hoist, drum forward rotation and shot blasting device can be carried out in sequence. The idling time is one hour.

The structure of the crawler shot blasting machine:

Crawler shot blasting machine is a small cleaning equipment, mainly composed of cleaning room, shot blasting assembly, elevator, separator, screw conveyor, dust removal pipeline and other parts. Cleaning room The cleaning room is made of steel plate and section steel welded structure. It is a sealed and spacious operating space for cleaning workpieces. The two doors open outside, which can increase the cleaning space of the door.

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