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Shot Blaster

Shot Blaster adopts this way to get blasting by medium (Steel shot or steel grit) to a very high speed and a certain angle to the workpiece surface, this shot blasting medium can clear the workpieces’ surface, and then inside the machine the medium and impurities will be recovered respectively through the vacuum cleaner air and can be reused again.

Our shot blaster construction is simple and convenient operation, do not need to closed road for construction, the construction cost is low, the equipment has high mobility. The machine is equipped with dust-removal unit, in the process of the construction, it can be done no dust and soilless, no pollution, and the medium can be recycled.
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Easy-Maintainable Shot Blaster can be specially customized from Puhua. It is one of the manufactures and suppliers in China. Our design includes fashion, advanced, newest, durable and other new elements. We can assure you that high quality Shot Blaster is with a low price. Our products made in China is expected to become one of the brands. You don't worry about our price, we can give you our price list. When you see the quotation, you will find the latest selling Shot Blaster with CE certification can be bought with a cheap price. Because our factory supply is in stock, you can buy discount the bulk of it. We can also provide you with free samples.Our products have one year warranty. Looking forward to working with you.
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