How to choose the type of shot blasting machine that suits you


The pass-through shot blasting machine mainly cleans large quantities of steel plates, strip steel, weighing instruments, trailer pallet bridges, frame, radiator, stone, profile, profile, drill tools, H-shaped steel, steel structure, profile, aluminum, steel pipe, Single flat products such as angle steel, channel steel, round steel, bar, steel plate, aluminum plate, coil, strip steel, iron tower, rebar and other wide but not high products,


The hook type shot blasting machine is suitable for surface cleaning or strengthening treatment of medium and small castings and forgings in the casting, construction, chemical, electrical, machine tool and other industries. It is especially suitable for surface cleaning and shot blasting of castings, forgings, aluminum alloy castings and steel structural parts of multiple varieties and small batches to remove a small amount of sticky sand, sand core and oxide scale on the surface of the workpiece; it is also suitable for the treatment of heat-treated parts Surface cleaning and strengthening; especially suitable for cleaning slender and thin-walled parts that are not suitable for collision.


Crawler shot blasting machines are widely used, mainly including foundries, heat treatment plants, electrical machinery factories, machine tool parts factories, bicycle parts factories, power machinery factories, auto parts factories, motorcycle parts factories, non-ferrous metal die-casting factories, etc., crawler shot blasting machines It has the advantages of good cleaning effect, compact structure, low noise and convenient use.


Mesh belt shot blasting machine is mainly used for surface shot blasting of thin-walled castings, thin-walled and fragile iron or aluminum alloy castings, ceramics and other small parts. It can also be used for shot blasting strengthening of mechanical parts. The mesh belt shot blasting machine has the characteristics of good continuity, high cleaning efficiency, small deformation and no pits.

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