Precautions for installation and test machine of hook type shot blasting machine(一)


The hook type shot blasting machine generally has a larger appearance, and the installation process is relatively more complicated than that of small equipment. Correct installation and test machine are the key to ensuring the normal operation of the later equipment. In the case of unskilled initial operations, users are required to strictly follow the instructions of relevant personnel or refer to the instructions. Unauthorized operation can easily cause irreversible damage to the hook shot blasting machine. The shot blasting machine manufacturer has sorted out the precautions for installation and test machine to share with you. I hope it will be helpful to users who use the device for the first time.
1. Installation. The hook type shot blasting machine is installed and debugged in the production plant and disassembled into several parts before being transported to the user site for installation. Although there is no pit, the foundation must be firm, the anchor bolt holes must be standardized, and the chamber body must be adjusted. After the second irrigation, the anchor bolt nuts can be tightened after solidification. After the chamber body is fixed, the various parts can be installed. The precautions for the installation and debugging of the relevant components are introduced below.
1. Shot blasting device:
The shot blasting device has been installed on the chamber body before leaving the factory. Please pay attention to the problems to be debugged before use. Check whether the fixed positions of the blade, the pill wheel, the directional sleeve, and the guard plate are accurate and firm, and check whether the direction of rotation is correct after power on. Then adjust the position of the directional sleeve opening. Theoretically, the angle between the front edge of the directional opening and the front edge of the blade throwing position is about 900. After fixing the position of the directional sleeve, the position of the projectile belt can be detected by hanging Place a steel plate or wooden board on the position of the workpiece facing the exit of the shot blasting machine, start the shot blasting machine, put a small amount (2-5kg) of projectiles into the blasting tube, and then stop, check whether the hit position on the steel plate is suitable for the needs, such as Close the window of the bias-adjustable directional sleeve downwards, and vice versa, until it fits, and note the position of the directional sleeve opening as a basis for future replacement of the directional sleeve.
2. Hoist and screw conveyor:
First carry out a no-load test to check whether the hoisting bucket and spiral blades are running in the correct direction, then tighten the belt of the hoist to a moderate degree of tension to avoid deviation, and then carry out a load test to check the operation and conveying capacity, whether there is any weirdness Noise and vibration, check and remove obstacles.
3. Pill-sand separator:
First check whether the movement of the ram is flexible, and then check the proper position of the separating plate, then when the hoist is loaded and debugged, there is continuous inflow of steel shots, and check whether the steel shots are flowing out and falling when the chute is discharged
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