Precautions for installation and test machine of hook type shot blasting machine(二)


Test machine. After the installation is completed, the user can directly test the machine and use the hook-type shot blasting machine. There are strict procedures and the sequence cannot be confused or reversed, otherwise mechanical or electrical accidents are prone to occur. It can be carried out according to the instructions of the on-site manufacturer’s technicians or referring to the manual. The main steps are as follows, and you can refer to it.
1. Power on/off program:
1.1 Start the dust removal fan and reach the rated speed.
1.2 Start the elevator and screw conveyor motors.
1.3 The hook moves into the cleaning room.
1.4 Turn on the autorotating motor.
1.5 Close the door of the chamber body and lock it tightly. At this time, the various switches interlocked with the shot blasting device are in a path to allow the shot blasting device to start.
1.6 Start 3 shot blasters in sequence and reach the rated speed.
1.7 Start the pill supply gate and start the cleaning operation.
1.8 When the specified time is reached, the cleaning is completed, and the pill supply gate is closed.
1.9 Turn off the shot blaster motor and wait for it to stop.
1.10 The hook stops rotating.
1.11 The hoist and screw conveyor stop rotating.
1.12 Open the door, open the hook out of the room, check the cleaning quality, if it is qualified, unload the workpiece, if not, return to the chamber to start and clean for a certain period of time according to the above procedure.
1.13 Turn off the fan
1.14 If the multi-hook workpiece needs to be cleaned continuously, the hoist, screw conveying motor and fan can be non-stop, and other procedures should be repeated until all are completed.
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