Introduction to the components of the shot blasting machine


The shot blasting machine is a shot blasting equipment for the treatment of metal surface objects. It can polish metal parts and remove sticky sand, oxidation, and rust layers. It is also precisely because the shot blasting machine has such a good effect and efficiency, so people in the industry will have a high evaluation of it. What are the components of the shot blasting machine?

The components of the shot blasting machine: shot blasting cleaning room, shot blasting head, elevator, separator, dust collector, screw conveyor, electric control system. 

Electric control system: It adopts pure PLC control, which can be set to be fully automatic or manual. 

Dust collector: It has a good cleaning effect on dust and waste, and it is fully automatic. 

Shot blasting machine: It is a shot blasting machine accessory at the core of the whole equipment. 

Separator: The main function is to separate projectiles or waste pellets and dust. 

Elevator: It can lift the pellets conveyed by the screw at the bottom to reach the pellet hopper. 

Shot blasting room: This is the shot blasting room that is needed when parts are cleaned.

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