What is the main purpose of the shot blasting machine?


Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. will break down for you what the shot blasting machine is used for:

 In the production process of large quantities of steel grit and steel shot, the quality of batch steel grit and steel shot cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, a shot blasting machine is produced, and the steel grit and steel shot are processed at high speed by the Koshi shot machine. In the process of throwing down, the stains attached to the surface of the steel grit and steel shot are cleaned, so that the damage to the surface of the steel grit and steel shot can be found in large quantities.

Shot blasting machine is actually a kind of surface treatment technology, mainly for the surface treatment of steel products in large quantities in the steel production process. The shot blasting machine can effectively remove the burrs and some large-scale rust on the surface of the steel product. When using the shot blasting machine, if the technology is not mastered, it is likely to cause the integrity of the steel product surface. Causes surface scratches, and serious ones will cause serious bad appearance and affect product image.

For steel production, shot blasting machine is an inevitable equipment, and the use of shot blasting machine for surface treatment of steel grit and steel shot is also an indispensable process, which is to remove surface stains on steel grit and steel shot. , Rust, and a necessary procedure to check the integrity of the product surface is indispensable.

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