The Q698 steel plate profile shot blasting machine sent to Taizhou, Jiangsu is loaded and shipped


On the afternoon of May 29th, a Q698 steel plate profile shot blasting machine was loaded and shipped in the No. 2 workshop of PwC Heavy Industry Machinery. It is reported that the equipment will be sent to customers in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, and they will be used for surface treatment of steel. The putting into use of this steel plate profile shot blasting machine will greatly improve the efficiency of surface cleaning of the customer's steel plate profile, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and increase the output value and profit of the enterprise.

According to the customer, the customer was introduced by an old customer. After a thorough understanding of the products of Puhua shot blasting machine, the cooperation intention was determined. The professionalism, cost-effectiveness and complete after-sales service of Puhua Heavy Industry Machinery are An important reason for attracting customers to reach cooperation.

The model of this equipment is Q698, the total power is 90kw, the effective cleaning width is 800mm, and there are 1200mm, 2000mm, 4000mm and other sizes to choose from. Customers can choose the appropriate shot blasting machine according to the size of their products.

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Steel plate profile shot blasting machine 

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