Hook type shot blasting machine operating procedures


1. The operator is proficient in the performance of the equipment, and the workshop designates a special person to operate it. Non-professionals are strictly prohibited from using the equipment without authorization.

2. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether all parts of the equipment are in a reasonable position, and do a good job of lubricating each lubricating point.

3. Start-up steps: first open the dust collector → open the hoist → rotate → close the door → open the upper shot blasting machine → open the lower shot blasting machine → open the shot blasting gate → start working.

4. Pay special attention

The hook in and out should be carried out when the hanging rail is connected.

The adjustment of the time relay should be performed after turning off the power switch.

Before the shot blasting machine is started, it is forbidden to open the iron shot supply system.

After the machine is in normal operation, the person should keep the front and both sides of the machine in time to prevent the iron pellets from penetrating and hurting life.

5. The dust removal and rapping motor should be turned on for 5 minutes before get off work every day.

6. Clean the dust accumulated in the dust collector every weekend.

7. Before leaving get off work every day, the surface of the shot blasting machine and the surrounding site should be cleaned, the power supply should be turned off, and the electric control cabinet should be locked.

8. The hook load capacity of the equipment is 1000Kg, and overload operation is strictly prohibited.

9. Once the equipment is found to be abnormal during operation, it should be shut down and repaired immediately.

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