Process characteristics of dust collector in sand blasting room


The technological characteristics of dust remover in sand blasting room and sandblasting room

(1) the shot blasting room is a fully enclosed steel structure, whose framework is made of profile, covered with steel plate, stamped by high-quality steel, connected by bolts on site, rubber guard plate is hung inside, and translation gate is set at both ends. Door opening size: 3M × 3.5m.

(2) the scheme of belt conveyor and fighter elevator is adopted for abrasive recovery. Basement is set at the lower part of the chamber, and belt conveyor and fighter elevator are arranged. After the abrasive falls from the grid floor to the lower sand collecting bucket, the recovery capacity is 15t / h through mechanical transportation.

(3) the dust removal system adopts side draft mode, and opens labyrinth air inlet at the top, and maintains proper negative pressure indoors to improve the surrounding environment of the shot blasting machine. The dust removal system adopts secondary dust removal: the first stage is cyclone dust removal, which enables it to filter 60% of the dust; the second stage dust removal adopts filter tube to dust, so that the gas discharge up to standard is better than the national standard.

(4) before the abrasive enters the storage hopper, it passes through the air-selected pellet dust separator. There is a screening facility, i.e. rolling screen screening. The falling state of abrasive screening is separated by air-driven pellet dust, and the practical application is better.

(5) the dust remover is treated by oil removal and dehumidification to avoid oil and water adhering dust to the filter cylinder, causing the resistance to rise and the dust removal effect will decrease.

(6) three double cylinder two gun pneumatic remote controlled sandblasting machine are adopted in shot blasting system, which can meet the requirements of continuous operation. The sand blasting can be operated continuously without the need for the general sand blasting machine to stop and add sand, which greatly improves the blasting effect. The operator can control the switch himself. Safe, sensitive and efficient operation. Operators shall be equipped with respiratory filtration system and protection system to ensure the safety of workers.

(7) clean the indoor lighting, and use the top lighting as the supplement form on both sides, and use dust-proof high-pressure mercury lamp with high illumination.

(8) the electrical control cabinet shall control the shot blasting room system as a whole, including dust removal fan, lighting, belt conveyor, fighter elevator, dust ball separator, etc., and the working status shall be displayed on the control panel.

Main equipment performance of shot peening room

(1) the size of solid steel structure of shot blasting room (L × w × h) is 12m × 5.4m × 5.4m; the thickness of steel plate is 3mm; it is assembled after folding.

(2) one dust removal fan; 30kW power; air volume 25000m3/h; full pressure 2700pa.

(3) filter cartridge type dust remover gft4-32; 32 filter cartridges; and filter area of 736m3.

(4) 2 sets of cyclone; the dust removal air volume is 25000 m3 / h.

(5) 2 belt conveyors; 8kw; 400mm × 9m; conveying capacity > 15t / h.

(6) one belt conveyor; power 4kw; 400mm × 5m; conveying capacity > 15t / h.

(7) one fighter elevator; power 4kw; 160mm × 10m; conveying capacity > 15t / h.

(8) one pellet dust separator; power 1.1kw; conveying capacity > 15t / h.

(9) the shot blasting machine adopts gpbdsr2-9035, 3 sets; height is 2.7m; diameter is 1 m; capacity is 1.6 m3; sandblasting pipe is 32mm × 20m; nozzle ∮ 9.5mm; breathing filter gkf-9602,3; protective mask gfm-9603, double helmet, 6.

(10) 24 lighting fixtures; 6kW power; installed power: 53.6kw.

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