Factors affecting the cleaning effect of the shot blasting machine


Some manufacturers have purchased shot blasting machines. But after using it for a period of time, they found that the thrown parts did not achieve the expected effect. At first, some manufacturers thought it was a quality problem with the shot blasting machine, but after a later investigation, it was not a problem with the equipment. The effect of this cleaning is related. The reasons and solutions for the poor cleaning effect are listed below.

Some reasons and countermeasures for poor cleaning effect
1. The projectile fan-shaped projection angle is not aligned with the workpiece to be cleaned.
Adjust the position of the shot blaster control cage window so that the abrasive can be projected onto the part

2. Insufficient abrasive, prolonged cleaning time
Add steel grit and check the steel grit circulation system

3. Abrasive impurities are mixed with impurities to block the abrasive channel

In order to remove impurities in the abrasive, the abrasive should be sieved before adding.

4. Excessive wear at the outlet of the shot blasting control cage

Check the control cage regularly and replace it if it is severely worn

5. Excessive wear of distributor reduces nine effects

Regularly check the dispenser and replace it in time

6. The abrasive contains waste sand and excessive dust

Dredge the dust collector system pipeline in time to avoid pipeline blockage and greatly reduce the abrasive separation effect. The bucket elevator belt is loose and the distributor is lower than the rated speed, which reduces the blasting and abrasive kinetic energy.

The relationship between abrasive hardness and cleaning effect
We know that the treatment effect of the workpiece is not only related to the hardness of the abrasive, but also related to the type and shape of the abrasive. For example, the rust removal efficiency of abrasives with irregular surfaces is higher than that of round abrasives, but the surface is rougher. Therefore, when consumers choose rust removal abrasives, they must start with the model, hardness, specification, and shape of the abrasives according to their actual needs.
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