The test run of Q385 catenary shot blasting machine is completed and is being shipped


After the test run of the q385 catenary shot blasting machine ordered by a Russian customer was completed on June 4, we sent the customer a detailed test run record of this shot blasting machine. The customer was very satisfied with the service and equipment we provided. After reading the test run record The customer said that we can ship the goods directly without re-inspection.


The workers are loading the shot blasting turbine



             Loading is about to be completed, ready to ship to Russia



It is understood that this catenary shot blasting machine equipment is  used for surface cleaning of sheet metal welded parts, which will lay the foundation for the next painting process. this shot blasting machine is expected to arrive in Russia by sea. When asked why he chose the equipment of Puhua Heavy Industries among many shot blasting machine companies, the customer answered that Puhuas comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service and cost-effective products attracted him. After visiting the Puhua factory in person , Placed an order and expressed the desire for long-term cooperation.



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Q385 catenary shot blasting machine test run

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