Maintenance of Blasting Machine


Sand blasting machine as an important machine in industrial production,not only reduces labor use, reducing production costs, but also makes industrial production more convenient and fast, but if the working condition is long, it will shorten the service life, so do a good job Maintenance is important, and next introduction to the maintenance knowledge of the sand blasting machine.
The maintenance of the sand blasting machine can be divided into monthly maintenance, week maintenance, and regular maintenance. The step of maintenance is to cut the gas source, perform stop inspections, remove the nozzle, check and clean the filter cartridge, clean the water cup.
Power-on check, check if it is normal, and the total time of exhaust, check whether the closed valve seal is aging and cracking, if this happens, it is necessary to replace it.
To regularly check the security system to avoid security hazards during operation to ensure the normal operation of the blasting machine.
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