How much do you know about hook shot blasting machine


In the foundry industry, almost all steel castings and iron castings must be treated by shot blasting machine. The purpose of doing so is not only to clean up the surface impurities of castings, but also to play the role of quality inspection after the completion of casting production, and to screen the products with poor surface directly.

In the normal production of castings, all the castings produced must be cleaned by shot blasting machine. In this way, the impurities on the surface of castings can be cleaned. At the same time, whether there are surface defects on the surface of castings, whether there are gas and sand sticking and peeling phenomenon, which can be clearly seen through the technical treatment of hook type shot blasting machine The hook type shot blasting machine technology processing, can be very convenient to these defective products directly screened out, and no longer need to manually pick one by one.

In addition to cleaning the surface of the casting, the hook shot blasting machine can also process the surface of the casting. Through the technical treatment of the hook shot blasting machine, the surface of the casting can achieve the desired ideal effect, and produce the corresponding surface quality effect. It can easily meet the production demand of the casting, and greatly reduce the labor cost of the casting line Cost, improve the production efficiency of castings. Through the surface treatment of the hook type shot blasting machine, the surface of the casting can meet the requirements.

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