What are the maintenance precautions for shot blasting machines?


1. Regularly check whether all parts of the shot blasting machine are normal. Such as bearings, wheel covers, drive belts, etc.

2. Regularly inspect the shot blasting wheel for wear, and replace it promptly if there is excessive wear.

3. Regularly check whether the projectile separator and sliding funnel are balanced, and promptly eliminate any imbalance.

4. When installing or replacing the shot blasting wheel, its relative position and overlap with the separator should be checked.

5. Regularly clean the accumulated dust, scrap iron, and other debris inside the equipment, and promptly maintain environmental hygiene around the equipment to avoid any impact on its normal use.

In short, shot blasting machine is a very important production equipment in the steel industry. During use, it is necessary to pay attention to safety, regular maintenance, and correct operation in order to exert its superior cleaning, rust removal, and strengthening effects.

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