Hook type shot blasting machine shipped to South America


We are very pleased to announce that as a professional shot blasting machine and sand blasting room manufacturer, our latest customized hook-type shot blasting machine has successfully completed production. This shot blasting machine is specially customized for our customers in South America and will provide them with excellent shot blasting solutions.

Hook-type shot blasting machine is an efficient surface treatment equipment widely used in metal manufacturing, automotive industry and other fields. It can quickly and thoroughly remove dirt, oxides and coatings from the surface of the workpiece, providing high-quality surface treatment results.

Our hook-type shot blasting machines feature advanced technology and design to ensure efficient operation and reliable performance. It is equipped with a powerful shot blasting gun and a reliable hook system, capable of carrying and handling various types and sizes of workpieces. At the same time, we focus on the durability and safety of equipment to ensure the safety of operators and the stable operation of equipment.

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