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Shot Blasting Room

Shot Blasting Room/Sand Blasting Equipment/Sandblasting Booth is widely used in shipbuilding industry, military, and engineering machinery, petrochemical machinery. It could be designed according to customer’s requirements.

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Product Description

1.Introduction of Shot Blasting Room

Shot Blasting Room/Sand Blasting Equipment/Sandblasting Booth is widely used in shipbuilding industry, military, and engineering machinery, petrochemical machinery. It could be designed according to customer’s requirements.
Our Sand Blasting Chamber/ Shot Blasting Room :
Sand Blasting Chamber/ Shot Blasting Chamber includes two parts, part one is the blasting system , the other is the sand material recycling ( including the floor back to the sand , the segmented recycling ) , separation and dedusting system ( including partial and full room dust removal ) . A flatcar is commonly used as a work piece carrier .
Sand Blasting Chamber is special designed to dedicate surface treatment requirements for large structural parts, cars, dump trucks and others.
Shot blasting is powered with compressed air, the abrasive media is accelerated to 50-60 m/s impact to the workpieces’ surface, it is a non-contact, less non-polluting method of surface treatment.
The advantages are a flexible layout, easy maintenance, less one-time investment etc., and thus very popular among structural parts producers.
Key Features of Sand Blasting Chamber/ Shot Blasting Booth :
sandblasting processing can thoroughly clean the surface of work piece of welding slag, rust, descaling, grease, improve surface coating adhesion, achieve long-term anti-corrosion purpose. In addition, using shot peening treatment, which can eliminate the work piece surface stress and improve the intensity.

2.Specification of Shot Blasting Room:

Max. Workpiece size (L*W*H) 12*5*3.5 m
Max. Workpiece weight Max. 5 T
Finish level Can achieve Sa2-2 .5 (GB8923-88)
Processing speed 30 m3/min per blasting guns
Surface roughness 40~75 μ (Depend on abrasive size)
Suggest abrasive Grinding steel shot, Φ0.5~1.5
Sand blasting room inside dimension (L*W*H) 15*8*6 m
Electric power supply 380V, 3P, 50HZ or customized
Pit requirement Waterproof

We can design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard Shot Blasting Room according to customer different workpiece detail requirement,weight and productivity.

3.Details of Shot Blasting Room:

These pictures will better help you understand Shot Blasting Room

4. Certification of Shot Blasting Room:

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group was established in 2006, total registered capital over 8,500,000 dollar, total area nearly 50,000 square meters.
Our company have passed CE, ISO certificates. As a result of our high-quality Shot Blasting Room:, customer service and competitive price, we have gained a global sales network reaching more than 90 countries on five continents.


1. What is the delivery time?
20-40 working day, based on factory’s production order conditions.
2. How to installation Shot Blasting Room:?
We supply overseas service, engineer can go to your place guide installation and debugging.
3. What size machine suit for us?
We design machine following your request, usually based on your workpiece size, weight and efficiency.
4. How to control the quality of Shot Blasting Room:?
One year warranty,and 10 teams QC to check every part from drawing to machine finished.
5. What work part can clean by Shot Blasting Room:?
castings,forging parts and steel construction parts for clearing little viscous sand, sand core and oxide skin. It is also suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening on heat treatment parts, especially for cleaning slightness, thin wallparts which is not suitable for impact.
6. What type abrasive used?
0.8-1.2 mm size wire cast steel shot
7. How it control for whole work?
PLC control, setup safety interlock device between system
◆If the examining door is open, the impeller heads won’t start.
◆If the cover of impeller head is open, the impeller head won’t start.
◆If the impeller heads doesn’t work, the shots valves won’t work.
◆If the separator won’t work, the elevator won’t work.
◆If the elevator won’t work, the screw conveyor won’t work.
◆If the screw conveyor won’t work, the shots valve won’t work.
◆Error warning system on abrasive circle system, any error come, all the above work will stop automatic.
8. What is the clean speed:
Can be customized, usually 0.5-2.5 m/min
9. What clean grade?
Sa2.5 metal luster

6. Our service:

1.Machine guarantee one year except damage by human wrong operation caused.
2.Provide installation drawings, pit design drawings, operation manuals, electrical manuals, maintenance manuals, electrical wiring diagrams, certificates and packing lists.
3.We can go to your factory to guiding installation and train your stuff.

If you are interested in Shot Blasting Room:, you are welcome to contact us.

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