Daily inspection of roller shot blasting machine


Compared with other equipment, the roller pass-through shot blasting machine has higher working efficiency and greater self-damage, so maintenance is particularly important. Routine overhaul and maintenance of roller conveyor shot blasting machine: The machine should be overhauled regularly, and attention should be paid to maintenance and lubrication. It is strictly forbidden to leave tools, screws and other sundries in the machine during overhaul.

1. Check whether the wear-resistant rollers in the shot blasting room are tight to prevent the projectiles from penetrating and damaging the rollers.

2. Check the wear of the indoor roller sheath at any time, and replace it in time if it is damaged.

3. Check the guard plate and nuts of the shot blasting chamber, and replace them if they are damaged.

4. Frequently check and replace the rubber sealing curtains of the sealing chambers at both ends of the chamber body to prevent projectiles from flying out.

5. Check whether the maintenance [] of the shot blasting chamber is tightly closed. The rubber secret recipe curtains at the front and rear ends of the chamber are not allowed to be opened or removed, and check whether the limit switch is in good contact.

6. Check the degree of wear of the spiral blade and the condition of the bearing seat.

7. Check the degree of wear of the protective lining of the throwing head. If the blade is replaced, the weight should be kept even.

8. Regularly check the head-throwing belt and adjust the tension of the narrow V-belt.

9. Check the reading of the throwing current meter to see if it indicates the proper projectile flow rate. Whether the running sound of the throwing head is normal, there should be no overheating of each bearing (the temperature is lower than 80°C).

10. Check that the conveyor belt of the hoist is free of deviation, tension tightness, and whether the hopper is damaged.

11. Before starting the machine, check whether there is any debris on the roller table and whether the materials on the roller table are arranged.

12. Lubricate the transmission chain every two days.

13. Clean, inspect and oil the roller bearings every month.

14. Replace the lubricating oil in the reducer once a year.

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