Common faults and troubleshooting methods of mesh belt through shot blasting machine


1. The shot blasting device of the mesh belt type shot blasting machine vibrates greatly: the blade is severely worn, the work is unbalanced, and the blade is replaced; the impeller is severely worn, replace the impeller body; the bearing is burned out, replace and refill the grease; the shot blasting device is fixed The bolts are loose, tighten the bolts.

2. There is abnormal noise in the shot blasting device of the mesh belt passing shot blasting machine: the projectile does not meet the requirements, causing the phenomenon of sand jam, replace the qualified projectile; there are larger particles in the shot material, check and remove; the protective plate of the shot blasting device is loose, and The impeller or impeller blade is rubbed, and the guard plate is adjusted; the bolts of the coupling disc in the shot blasting device are loose, and the bolts are tightened.

3. Uneven shot blasting volume of mesh belt through shot blasting machine: adjust the opening of each blast gate; adjust the gap of the falling sand conditioning plate of the separator to make the flow curtain even.

4. The dust removal efficiency of the dust collector of the mesh belt type shot blasting machine is low: the fan of the dust collector is connected incorrectly, the fan rotates, and the wiring is rewired; the bag in the dust collector is not tightly tied or damaged, or the bag is short; the connection of the dust removal pipeline is not well sealed, Ensure the sealing of all components; the cleaned workpiece does not fall out as required, too much sand remains, and the dust content of the dust removal inlet is too high; the dust collector blowback mechanism is not activated, or the number of activations is small, and the dust blocks the bag and removes the attachment in time Dust on the cloth bag.

5. The dust of the dust collector of the mesh belt shot blasting machine contains too much projectiles: the air volume of the separator is too large, and the tuyere baffle should be adjusted properly until the dust removal effect can be guaranteed, but the projectiles are not sucked out.

6. The cleaning effect of the mesh belt-through shot blasting machine is not ideal: the supply of projectiles is lacking, and the new projectiles are properly supplemented; the projecting direction of the blasting device is not correct, adjust the window orientation of the blasting device; the particle size of the shot is inappropriate, reselect the shot Material size: if the pellets are agglomerated or used for too long, replace the pellets.
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