Three advantages of steel pipe inner and outer wall cleaning machine


Steel pipe inner and outer wall shot blasting machine is a kind of shot blasting equipment that cleans and sprays steel pipes through shot blasting. The machine mainly rotates the surface and inner cavity of steel pipes to remove sticky sand, rust layer, welding slag, oxide scale and debris. Make the surface of the steel pipe smooth and improve the paint film adhesion of the workpiece, improve the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel pipe, and extend its service life.

The working sequence of the shot blasting machine is feeding support → feeding mechanism feeding → entering the shot blasting room → shot blasting (the workpiece rotates while advancing) a shot storage → flow control → shot blasting treatment of the workpiece → bucket elevator Vertical lifting→Slag separation→(Recirculation)→Send out the shot blasting chamber→Unloading by the unloading mechanism→Unloading support. Because of the curved blades used in the shot blasting device, the inflow performance of the projectiles is improved, the ejection power is increased, the workpiece is reasonably compact and there is no dead angle, and the maintenance is more convenient.

Steel pipe inner and outer wall shot blasting machine has the advantages:

1. The shot blasting machine adopts a centrifugal cantilever type novel high-efficiency multifunctional shot blasting device, which has large shot blasting volume, high efficiency, rapid blade replacement, and has the performance of integral replacement and is convenient for maintenance.

2. The workpiece continuously passes through the inlet and outlet of the shot blasting machine. To clean up the steel pipes with widely different pipe diameters, in order to prevent the projectiles from flying out, the machine adopts multi-layer replaceable sealing brushes to realize the complete sealing of the projectiles.

3. The full curtain type BE type slag separator is adopted, which greatly improves the separation amount, separation efficiency and shot blasting quality, and reduces the wear of the shot blasting device.

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