Five types of shot blasting machines


1. Crawler shot blasting machine is suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of small and medium-sized products. The products to be cleaned must be castings and heat treatment processes with a single piece weighing less than 200 kg. The equipment can be used for stand-alone machines and supporting facilities. Scope of application: rust removal and finishing of castings, precision machining and high-precision steel castings. Remove the surface oxide scale of heat treatment process parts, castings and steel castings. Anti-rust treatment and pretreatment of standard parts.



2. Hook type shot blasting machine. As a standard shot blasting machine, the hook type shot blasting machine has a large carrying capacity, up to 10,000 kg. This kind of shot blasting machine has high productivity and large coordination ability span. It is an ideal cleaning and strengthening mechanical equipment. It is mainly suitable for the metal surface treatment of various medium and large castings, steel castings, weldments and heat treatment process parts, including easily broken and irregular product workpieces.




3. Trolley type shot blasting machine. The trolley type shot blasting machine is mainly suitable for mass production of large, medium and small product surface cleaning workpieces. This type of machinery and equipment is suitable for diesel engine crankshafts, transmission gears, pulse damping springs, etc. It is widely used in forging and machinery manufacturing industries. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, very good sealing effect, compact structure, convenient parts loading and unloading, and high technology content.





4. Steel pipe inner and outer wall shot blasting machine. The shot blasting technology is used to clean the inner cavity of the cylinder, which is a new type of shot blasting cleaning equipment. It uses air compression as the driving force to accelerate the projectile, generate a certain amount of mechanical energy, and spray it into the inner cavity of the steel pipe. When the steel pipe is in the spray gun chamber, the spray gun will fully automatically extend into the respective steel pipe, and the spray gun will move left and right in the steel pipe to spray and clean the inner cavity of the steel pipe in multiple directions.





5. Road shot blasting machine. During the whole process of high-speed operation, the road shot blasting machine uses the shot blasting wheel driven by the motor to cause centripetal force and wind speed. When the injection wheel of a certain particle size is injected into the injection tube (the total flow of the injection wheel can be manipulated), it is accelerated to the high-speed rotating shot blaster. After shot blasting, the steel grit, dust and residue return to the rebound chamber together and reach the top of the storage bin. The road shot blasting machine is equipped with dust removal equipment to ensure clean construction and zero pollution, improve efficiency, and protect the ecological environment.





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