What shot blasting machine should be used for clearing I Beam


Because of its size characteristics, I-beams are mostly used roller pass-through shot blasting machines. Roller pass-through shot blasting machines are specially used to clean steel steel structure steel pipes and other large materials.
The through-type shot blasting machine can work continuously to carry out continuous derusting, cleaning and pretreatment of steel plates, steel materials, steel beams, section steels, steel pipes, steel castings and other steel materials. The operation is simple, just load the steel into the machine, press the start button, after a short period, the system will automatically unload the processed materials, that is, the entire cleaning process is completed, and all dust and residual burrs are removed. The roll-through shot blasting machine automatically completes the target cleaning task, which not only reduces the labor intensity of manual cleaning, but also improves the cleaning effect and greatly improves the work efficiency. At the same time, since the mechanical equipment is made of steel, the design is reasonable. Even if the equipment is in working condition for a long time, it will not cause serious failure and has a long service life. It is an indispensable cleaning equipment in the steel casting industry.
The pass-through shot blasting machine is equipped with a dust removal device, so there is no need to worry about the impurities that are knocked out will accumulate or fly around. With the dust removal device, it can effectively play the role of environmental protection, and at the same time can make the machine run normally. Excessive dust can easily cause machine blockage and danger. Moreover, when working through the shot blasting machine, pay attention to the operating specifications to avoid causing safety problems.

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Q69 steel plate and I beam shot blasting machine 

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