What are the main features of the shot blasting machine?


Many manufacturing plants use shot blasting machines because they have good grinding and care capabilities. They can remove rust/oxidize/removing traces of parts to make the surface look completely updated. This is not the key point. After polishing, the parts have a certain degree of resistance, so that they can be used more durable and effective. This is also the purpose of the shot blasting machine. The following editor will talk about the main characteristics of the shot blasting machine.
1. Stable and powerful performance
One of the characteristics of the shot blasting machine is that its performance is sufficiently stable, the effect of shot blasting and the averaging/persistence of the shot blasting rate comparison, the manufacturers can completely refer to the shot blasting machine manufacturers in the actual put into use. The parameter plan is set, and the parameter setting is based on science, which can maximize the performance of the shot blasting machine.
2. Adapt to market changes
Shot blasting machine is a kind of surface treatment equipment that meets market demand. After several years of continuous expansion and upgrading, there are now more than ten types of shot blasting machines, which meet the various needs and needs of users. For example, you are making castings. If you choose a crawler shot blasting machine, for example, if you are in the steel industry, you choose a through-type shot blasting machine, so the shot blasting machine is able to adapt to market changes and meet various needs.
3. The principle and structure are simple
In addition to good effects and efficiency, the shot blasting equipment itself has a compact structure, and you can know which part can play what role at a glance. The principle of the shot blasting machine is to shoot through the shot blasting machine, and it is shot at a certain speed. Among the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece is subjected to continuous impact and becomes shiny and clean. Of course, what kind of shot material you use depends on what kind of parts you throw.
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