Which drum type shot blasting machine or crawler type shot blasting machine is more practical?


Basic description of drum shot blasting machine:

The high-speed rotating impeller is used to directly throw the projectiles onto the continuously tumbling workpiece in the drum chamber, thereby achieving the effect of strengthening the cleaning of the workpiece. The machine body structure is the drum, hoist belt, reduction motor, separator, and shot blasting device. It is suitable for the foundry industry. The weight of the cleaned work piece cannot be higher than 15 kg. It can be shot blasting to remove rust, remove the oxide layer and strengthen the surface gloss. It is suitable for cleaning a kind of work that is not afraid of being bumped and scratched. The disadvantage is that it cannot be shot blasting in large quantities.

Basic description of crawler shot blasting machine:
Crawler is also a principle, suitable for small and medium-sized castings, small and medium-sized forgings, metal surface gloss enhancement in various industries, rust removal and oxide layer removal, etc... Direct-connected shot blasting used by crawler shot blasting machines The device is made by integrating new core technologies at home and abroad. The overall structure of the equipment is simple and the complete set is good. The blade replacement method is more convenient than the original basis. The production efficiency is increased by more than 10% than before. The dust in the production process The emission concentration has also been reduced by more than 5% compared with the past. The crawler extension can realize fully automatic shot blasting so far, and it can operate independently or be connected to the production line.

Old employees in the industry should know that the drum shot blasting machine was the first to appear on the market, because the casting manufacturing industry was very in demand in the early days. With the spread of drum shot blasting machines, crawlers finally appeared Type shot blasting machine, drum type shot blasting machine has been completely replaced by crawler type shot blasting machine due to changes in subsequent development. Because the structure of the crawler shot blasting machine is simpler, the crawler shot blasting machine can also roll and shot the workpiece, and can also realize the function of automatic loading and unloading. After the workpiece is cleaned, it will be automatically sent out of the shot blasting room. However, this function cannot be achieved by the roller type shot blasting machine. In addition, the damaged parts during the use of the drum type shot blasting machine are higher than that of the crawler. From the perspective of cost and later considerations, I will choose the crawler type shot blasting machine and the drum type shot blasting volume Small cannot fully meet the daily workload of manufacturers, so this is why more users like to use crawler shot blasting machines.
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