Classification of Dry Spray Machine


The blasting machine is the most widely used product in abrasive jet. The sand blasting machine is generally divided into two major categories of dry sprayers and liquid sand blasting machines. The dry spray machine can be divided into two types of suction and press-in.
Inhaled dry sprayer
Inhalation dry sanding machines are generally composed of six systems, structural systems, media power systems, pipeline systems, dust removal systems, control systems, and auxiliary systems.Inhalation dry sanding machine is based on compressed air, compressed air is a supply power, and it is an acceleration power.
Press-on dry sandout machine
The press-based dry sanding machine work unit is generally composed of four systems, namely pressure tanks, medium power systems, pipeline systems, and control systems.The press-based dry sand shirt is based on compressed air, and the compressed air is both a fever and an acceleration power.
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