Examples of common problems of shot blasting machine


Through our previous understanding and in-depth understanding of the shot blasting machine, there will still be some novices who do not fully understand the shot blasting machine. At the same time, it is also popularized based on what we have not mentioned before. The following are some examples of our problems and polishing The technical requirements for shot blasting of the shot blasting machine, etc., I hope you will learn something and strengthen your own practical deficiencies.
1. Looking at the shot blasting machine from a professional point of view, what kind of machine is it? How to choose a foundry production and processing plant?

The shot blasting machine itself is a surface treatment equipment, dedicated to solve the problem of imperfect surface of metal objects, and can remove the rust layer, rust spots, oxidation, painting, renovation, etc. on the surface of metal objects. For the foundry industry, performance, stability and quality should be considered when choosing a shot blasting machine. Secondly, considering the price, because there are more shot blasting machines in the market, you can choose to shop around. Only then can there be price comparisons.

2. What are the technical requirements for shot blasting? What are the main aspects?

One point is the problem of the shot blasting machine itself. On the basis of shot blasting technology, the shot blasting machine must be stable enough, and what kind of shot blasting machine is used for example: steel shot, iron shot, aluminum shot , And what is the size of the pellets, and then what is the ejection speed when we shot blasting. The professional name is called ejection flow. Different shot blasting intensities have different throwing effects, and the efficiency will be corresponding. Get the same change.

3. What should I do if the shot blasting machine misses the shot? How to solve it?
If the shot blasting machine is in use, it is likely to be caused by the shape of the workpiece, but this is not an absolute factor. Usually, there will be more probability at the exit of the shot blasting machine. According to this point, we will cause Pay attention, and deal with the missing blasting material at any time during the working time, so as not to form a pile, so as not to affect the normal shot blasting progress.
The above three points are reference for common problems of shot blasting machines, which are very useful for production and processing manufacturers. According to strict production, the shot blasting effect will not be bad, so we must also think from a comprehensive perspective in order to achieve ourselves The expected effect.

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