Common parameters and operating principles of shot blasting machines


Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will break down the common parameters and operating principles of the shot blasting machine for you:
In the shot blasting equipment mechanism that we have seen before, the research objects are the working principle and equipment structure of the shot blasting machine, daily maintenance and other main points, so the cooling cycle system of the shot blasting machine will be more refined and For meticulous research, the following editor will attach equipment parameters.
Common parameter data of shot blasting machine:

The thickness of the steel plate is 600~1200mm, the original shot blasting amount is 3400KG, the number of shot blasting devices is about 7~13, the speed of the shot blasting device is 1500~2500 revolutions, and the output power of the shot blasting equipment is 90/KW.

The working principle of shot blasting machine
1.The shot blasting machine will produce centrifugal force and opposite force when rotating at high speed. Only in this way can the shot blasting speed be increased to the state, which facilitates the formation of air flow under high-speed rotation, so that the surface of the metal workpiece can obtain a layer of oxidation resistance.
2.When the shot blasting equipment throws the metal material layer, it is to clean up the rusty iron and oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece. It will enter the transportation room through the bottom of the shot blasting equipment for lifting, and the lifter will automatically send the shot material after it is separated. In the recycling system of the shot blasting machine, waste is recycled to reduce labor costs.
3.Because the shot blasting machine adopts a fully enclosed mode, the workpiece shot blasting machine produces a strong impact effect during high-speed operation, and will be worn to a certain extent by the outside of the shot blasting machine itself, so the equipment will be equipped with a cleaning room inside. The dust and debris left behind during the shot blasting machine are well treated.
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