Daily problems and troubleshooting methods of shot blasting machine


The shot blasting machine will definitely be worn out during daily use. Improper actual application and long-term maintenance will inevitably lead to failures. We will discuss today;
Fault 1: The bearing of the shot blasting machine head fails

The head failure of the shot blasting machine is mainly caused by long wear time, insufficient lubricating oil, and irregular installation. Therefore, in the process of standardized installation and regular maintenance and use of the machine, the lubricating oil should be added in time to reduce the failure caused by wear. If you use a high-pressure gun, it takes a long time to lubricate the machine. For example, it takes 3 hours to add lubricating oil on 8 polishing heads. However, if a high-pressure fuel pump is used for automatic refueling, it will be more efficient, safer, and more efficient.

Fault 2: damage to the blade of the shot blasting machine
The damage of the blade of the shot blasting machine is usually caused by the continuous impact of bullets, and the blade is also a part of the shot blasting machine that is easily damaged. If the blade is worn or cracked, the impeller will vibrate when rotating at high speed, so it is necessary to repair and replace it in time. In general, we found that when the leaves are deep or half worn, they will be replaced. In addition, if the blade is defective during casting, the acceleration of the machine will cause the blade to wear. Due to the bounce phenomenon of the blades during operation, the wear of the blades will be aggravated. After the ordinary blades are worn out, the blades will be replaced in pairs to ensure the stable operation of the machine and the dynamic balance
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